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Hi! Welcome to Lotus. We really care about the environment here, and about fulfilling our promise of always being 100% plastic free. We believe whole heartedly that making a difference doesn't come from one person doing everything right, but from a community of people doing little things to make a BIG impact. We strive to provide our subscribers with amazing products that make the eco-choice your favorite choice. You don't have to worry about searching for the eco-friendly option, and doing hours of research to see if the product is sourced responsibly; you can rest easy with Lotus Brand and get back to a more meaningful life doing what you love.


We hope you enjoy our 100% plastic free beauty box and that it makes you feel irresistibly beautiful, and powerful to know all the plastic you're saving from landfills. We hope Lotus Brand gives you hope in a sustainable beauty industry.


For questions, please reach out to us at

or on our Facebook and Instagram platforms via messenger @lotusbrandco

We will get back to you as soon as we can to help your journey to swap from wasteful to sustainable as easy as possible. 


Small Businesses are the back-bone of Lotus Brand box, without incredible product Lotus would be nothing. We support small businesses by getting their name and product out to a market that is both eco-conscious, as well as interested in up-and-coming beauty trends and needs. Lotus Brand partners with smaller businesses who value a sustainable beauty industry and share their products with our subscribers in 100% plastic free packaging and shipping material.


We are always looking for new amazing product to share with our subscribers, if you are a small business and would like more information on how to get your product in our next monthly box, please reach out to with subject line: TRY MY PRODUCT. 

We can't wait to host your product!