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September Box

Every month, we choose five 100% plastic free, eco-friendly

amazing products for you to try out!

The September box runs from September 15th to October 15th.

image_6487327 (1).JPG

Bamboo Switch
Bamboo Cotton Rounds

One-time-use disposable cotton rounds have a blend of Rayon in them, which is a type of plastic. These will never fully break down. Cotton itself is also extremely water intensive to use for one-time-use products.

These rounds are reusable hundreds, if not, thousands of times! This saves more waste ending up in our landfills. Completely compostable

Silver Coast Soaps 
Conditioner Bars

Scented with rosewood, lavender and rosemary essential oils, it gives off a floral woody scent making this bar a favorite Lotus conditioner that also repairs dry or dull hair strands. 

Conditioner bars.jpg
Fresc Toothpaste Tablets.jpg

Fresc Oral Care
Toothpaste Tablets

Natural and eco-friendly chewable toothpaste tablets. 

Be Blends 
Bathroom Candles

This hand-poured Soy Candle is delicately sweet. Very light and crisp, this is a great year round pick!

* Phthalate Free Fragrance

* All Cotton, Non-Leaded Wicks

* Clean Burning, 100% Soy Wax

Mermaid Flannel Bath Bombs.jpg

Mermaid Flannel
Bath Bomb

A tranquil and soothing aromatic bath bomb.

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