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Why Lotus Brand?

Welcome to Lotus! Thank you for joining us on this journey to plastic-free Beauty. Subscribe Now for All your Eco-Beauty updates.

About Us

Hello and welcome to Lotus’ first official Blog. As a Co-Founder of Lotus Brand I want to take some time to explain our mission, why it’s important that we start an Eco-Beauty brand subscription box and of course; how important you are in this project. We thought a good place to start would be our background and what brought us to an idea that will hopefully turn the beauty industry into an eco-sustainable practice.

John and I, who you will come to know through these blogs, have two children and live relatively normal lives- whatever normal really is we aren’t sure. We have a three-year-old daughter, and a one-year-old son. We have been stuck inside for a very long time trying to keep ourselves and those around us healthy and we've had a lot of time to recognize all the waste we create; especially in the bathroom. Bottle after bottle of shampoo, conditioner, lotion and toothpaste go into the recycling without much thought about what happens after it goes to the MRC (Material Recovery Facility). We are the only ones on our block with a recycling bin, and we thought other families must have this kind of waste as well-and are just throwing it away vs. recycling it.

As a new mother and your author; I wanted so badly to have products ecologically sourced, packaged and easily found in the stores most convenient for me. I longed for time to myself to “get ready” for my day with products that made me look and feel good, without destroying our environment for my children and their children to come. Every time another number 7 plastic conditioner bottle found it’s way to the trash I internally cringed but by the time I got to the grocery store with a toddler running rampant and an infant’s car seat taking up most of the space in the cart perfectly content -with fussing the whole time- I didn’t have the energy (or the patience) to read the recycle label, look up if MRF’s in my area accepted that kind of plastic or where to dispose of each individual hygiene or beauty labels product. I didn’t want to sacrifice my 10-20 minutes of making myself feel good, but I also didn’t want to be part of a percentage of growing American’s disposing, over 250 tons of plastic each year.

The fact of the matter is in today’s world; Recycling is not convenient. Anyone can put their recycle tub (if they even have one) at the curb filled with different dirty plastics but who knows what is actually salvageable enough to put back out to the market, or what plastics are marketable and in what area. It was exhausting trying to do good for my family and the planet when it came to our waste.

I had an idea that I shared with my husband describing supporting small businesses who have 100% plastic free beauty and hygiene products by buying the items and conveniently dropping them off at our consumers door in a beautifully labeled and 100% plastic free biodegradable box.

An all in one, Eco-Friendly, Eco-Beauty Subscription box.

As we shared our plan to more friends and family they’d tell stories of also having the same issues finding eco-friendly hygiene and beauty products but simply didn’t have the time to go to the farmers market or these one-off beauty stores in between the six Walmart’s and Targets they’d pass to get there.

Thus; we saw a need and are determined to fill it with Lotus Brand.

Lotus Brand strives to deliver 100% plastic free Eco-Friendly hygiene and beauty product in a monthly subscription box offering subscribers an original and eco-sustainable alternative to the Beauty Industry as it stands today. By 2025 Lotus Brand will be the number one eco-friendly and sustainable beauty box on the market as many larger name brands have refused or been unable to move to a more sustainable option.

Lotus Brand is up to the challenge. While we are the facilitator of a plastic-free beauty and hygiene alternative we also need help from you - our subscribers, to share your story.

What brought you to Lotus? How can Lotus help change the way you view beauty sustainability? We can’t forget the obvious question, how good does that pretty pink sugar scrub really feel and smell? (It's AMAZING!) Simply put, we're the first of our kind to bring 100% plastic free beauty right to your door and you NEED this box!

Make sure to like and follow us on social media so we can tag along on your journey to making the environment better for all those after you. We look forward to being part of your story on the long but necessary road for human-kind and Eco-Friendly Plastic-Free Beauty to come.

Talk soon,

Taylor S.

Lotus Brand Co-Founder

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