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5 Things You Didn't Know About Recycling

Recycling is a beast that no one really wants to talk about. Likely because that little blue box we put out every two weeks feels admirable, and like we are making a difference. The ugly truth behind recycling is that it doesn't work and here are SOME reasons why.

1. In the US 93 percent of plastics are NOT recovered

2. Even if plastic makes it into the recycling bin, only plastic bottles are regularly recycled. Most other types of plastic, like clamshells, end up in a landfill or incinerator

3. In the statistically unlikely case that single-use plastic is properly recycled and reprocessed, recycling uses 67% of the energy of virgin material manufacturing. That’s not great. That means to create a brand new something-or-other out of plastic would take only 33% more energy. That's not a great enough margin to justify recycling plastic.

4. Single use packaging travels long distances from factory to restaurant to customer, creating emissions all along the way. So any energy saved from recycling and sorting it out breaks even with the waste or creating virgin material, because of the emissions from all the shipping.

5. If we do not buy recycled products then recycling is a waste.

Ultimately, recycling what you have left is great, but making swaps to sustainability is what is going to be the best for the landfills and oceans. Making 100% plastic free swaps and opting for zero waste means you don't have to worry about what is recycled, or how to buy a product that you KNOW has been recycled. Lotus encourages new subscribers to use what they have, recycle what they can and then use the 100% Plastic Free options in your biodegradable monthly beauty box. This reduces meaningless waste in general and also fosters change in your routine that doesn't feel too sudden. We just want our members to feel as happy as possible while making the life changing and eco-friendly choice of swapping to our box versus the wall to wall single use trash in the stores. This change can be fun, and meaningful, and most importantly can be done in your own time.

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